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Store Displays

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NameTrains® Displays
The NameTrains® display (27"W x 16.75"H x 7"D), shown here, has spaces for all 26 letters plus engine and caboose. It will hold 5 pieces deep and is complete with a test track on the top which also gives you place for a “suggestion” name. The display has a natural finish with each slot labeled for easy organization. Free with 145 letters, assorted by popularity, plus ten engines and ten cabooses. Each letter comes in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and an assortment will be picked for you.

NameTrains® Accessory Displays
Our accessory displays, shown on the left, comes in 2 options: an single shelf that holds 5 each of 7 different designs or a double shelf that holds 5 each of 14 different designs. Both options will stack directly under your main unit (same footprint and about 4" high per shelf) and can be added at anytime. Free with a purchase of either a single shelf (35 pcs.) or a double shelf (70 pcs.) of your choice. Must order at least 5 each of the different designs. 35 animals and vehicles to choose from.


NameTrains® Floor Rack Displays
Keep all of your NameTrains® in one neat location with our NameTrains® Floor Rack. The rack measures 70" high to the top of the sign and 32" wide. We offer the display in two configurations:

Option 1 includes the NameTrains® display, double shelf, track I and track II and an assortment of boxed sets.

Option 2 includes the NameTrains® display, car sets, track I and II displays, track sets, and bridges.

We will work with you to determine your preferred assortment.

NameTrains® Track Displays
Our Track Station Displays I & II can sit alongside your main unit. Station I has slots for the six most standard track segments. Straights, curves, switches and crossovers. It measures 17.25" high x 11" wide x 7" deep. Station II has space for an additional seven designs—adapters, bridge set, puddlejumpers, wavy, ramps, small curves, and 2" straights. It is 17.25" high x 13.75" wide x 7" deep. With both, we include a laminated card that shows different track layouts to give you and your customers some idea about how many pieces they may need. Both displays are free with purchase of contents.

Wind Spinner Single Display
The Wind Spinner Single Display measures 22" high by 12" wide by 10" deep. It holds one spinner, with or without a spinning motor. Motor not included. Ships flat with assembly instructions. Free with an initial order of 12 wind spinners or more.

Wind Spinner 3-Tier Tower
The Wind Spinner 3-Tier Tower measures 78" high by 13.5" square. It holds three spinners, with or without spinning motors. Motors not included. Ships flat with assembly instructions. Free with an initial order of 50 wind spinners or more.

Bookmarks Display
Bookmark display holds 6 different designs and is free with a purchase of 6 8-packs (48) bookmarks. Your choice of birds. Bookmarks can be mixed and matched to get just the right theme for your store.

Snow Scraper Display
An easy to assemble laser cut hardwood plywood display is free with the purchase of 16 scrapers.

Scoots Display
Our new counter rack is a simple way to display a variety of our Scoots. The display measures 19" wide, 17" high, and 8" deep. It is crafted from wood. The display will hold 4 each of your choice of 12 different designs. There are 18 different Scoot designs to choose from and the display comes free with purchase of 48 cars.

Cheri Rattles Display
Rattle display attractively displays three each of our four rattle designs. It is 12" wide x 16" high x 7" deep. Comes with two removable feet.

Solace Displays
Solace ornament and trivet displays are a great way to show off our Solace line of products. The ornament display is crafted from wood and has 12 hangers for Solace ornaments. The display measures about 24" high and 16" wide. Your choice of 8 designs. The display is free with a purchase of 36 pieces. The Solace trivet rack measures 18" high and 8" wide and has 6 tiers. Each tier holds 3 trivets. It comes free with your initial order of 18 trivets of the designs of your choice.