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Friends & Affiliations

Maple Landmark is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

Vermont Wood Works Council                         


Vermont Quality Wood Products

This trademark symbolizes a tradition of painstaking craftsmanship that dates back more than two centuries.

Still, today’s technology allows us a degree of precision our forebears could never have replicated. The integrity of each finely crafted Vermont wood product or component that bears this mark hasn’t changed by a shaving since 1791. Nor will it by 2091.

Maple Landmark is a charter supporter of the Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council. Wood products is one of Vermont’s largest industries. Various companies produce furniture, kitchenware, cabinets and fixtures, component parts, even birdhouses. We are all proud of the quality and variety of the items produced in our little state.

The logo is our symbol to identify wood products that are made in Vermont by skilled woodworkers. Dozens of Vermont companies are beginning to use this symbol. Look for it when shopping for furniture, gifts, or even birdhouses.

Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council
PO Box 6004
Rutland, VT 05702