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Dealer Locator Requirements

Being listed in our web site dealer locator is not automatic but it isn't difficult either. We have two requirements:

  1. You need to complete and return an Account Information Sheet (linked below). This sheet confirms much of the contact data we have on you and asks you what address you wish to have posted. We ask this specifically because we don't want to send people to PO Boxes, warehouses, or other incorrect locations. You should have received one of these forms at the time of your first order. A copy is available in the dealer-only section of the web site, you will need to log in to get it. You may also contact us for a copy of your sheet pre-filled with the data we have on file.

  2. We update this data about once per month. Only those products you have purchased within the past six months will trigger your listing. If you have not made a purchase in that time, you will not show up until after you have ordered again. We expect that if we send a customer to your store, they will be able to find our product. Six months is much longer than the typical reorder frequency so we believe to be fair in providing consumers with timely leads.

Click here to download the PDF