40th Anniversary Bells & Whistles February Sale - NEW Hermie the Rhythmic Hedgehog!

Current Web Specials

Our web specials are usually product that we have discontinued but have a few left here in the shop. We know not everyone can get to our retail showroom so this gives you a chance to purchase our discontinued or discounted items from home.

Hermie the Rhythmic Hedgehog thumbnail image Hermie the Rhythmic Hedgehog
Crafted from locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested maple hardwood, Hermie the Hedgehog is a classic noise-maker! Run the sti...
SKU: 47001 New
Reg. $11.50
Sale $10.35
Classic, Biplane thumbnail image Classic, Biplane
The Classic Biplane has two removable people, wheels that turn, and propeller to spin. Measuring approximately 9" long by 7-7...
SKU: 76004 Special
Reg. $43.50
Sale $26.10
Semi Truck, Alligator thumbnail image Semi Truck, Alligator
Our Alligator Semi Truck trailer can detatch from the truck cab. Colorfully printed on locally sourced, sustainably harvested...
SKU: 71130 Special
Reg. $15.00
Sale $9.00
Cutout Ornament, School House thumbnail image Cutout Ornament, School House
Our Cutout Maple School House Ornament is crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, and measures ap...
SKU: 60088 Special
Reg. $5.30
Sale $3.18
Ring Toss - Rhinoceros thumbnail image Ring Toss - Rhinoceros
An old fashioned toy that is fun and challenging, the Rhinoceros Ring Toss is crafted from high quality birch plywood, sanded...
SKU: 41432 Special
Reg. $8.20
Sale $4.92
Peace Trinket Box thumbnail image Peace Trinket Box
The Peace box is 2 1/4" diameter by 1 3/8" high wooden box to keep all those precious treasures that children find. The box ...
SKU: 41022 Special
Reg. $7.00
Sale $4.20
Cribbage, Cherry Continuous thumbnail image Cribbage, Cherry Continuous
Our deluxe Cherry Continuous Cribbage board features a two street by 120 hole configuration, pegging out holes, game counter ...
SKU: 50520 Special
Reg. $30.35
Sale $18.21
Mighty Driver Bookends, School Bus thumbnail image Mighty Driver Bookends, School Bus
Little ones really like School Buses! The school bus is based on our new Mighty Driver Truck Series. The truck is made from...
SKU: 70203 Special
Reg. $50.00
Sale $24.50
NameTrain Heart With Dove thumbnail image NameTrain Heart With Dove
Show your love with our heart accessory vehicle. Great as a name spacer, the NameTrain Heart with Dove is crafted from local ...
SKU: 10229 Special
Reg. $5.25
Sale $3.15
Building, Train Station (Old) thumbnail image Building, Train Station (Old)
Add a train station to your NameTrain village. Crafted from locally sourced, responsibly harvested maple hardwood and painted...
SKU: 10652 Special
Reg. $6.00
Sale $3.60
NameTrain Easter Car thumbnail image NameTrain Easter Car
Celebrate Easter. The NameTrain Easter Car is crafted from local sustainably harvested native maple hardwood and is compatibl...
SKU: 10151 Special
Reg. $5.25
Sale $3.15
Cribbage, Truck thumbnail image Cribbage, Truck
Breaker! Breaker! Our wooden Truck Cribbage features laser engraved details, standard two street by 60 hole configuration, pe...
SKU: 50540 Special
Reg. $17.15
Sale $9.95

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