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Track Pack #3

Our largest Track Pack features a whopping 37 pieces to really take your track layout to the next level! These pieces do not build anything specific - how they're built into the set is up to the child! Track is crafted from locally sourced and sustainably-harvested hardwood. Straight track and crossover are grooved on one side, curved track and switches are grooved on both sides, and all are detailed with a colorful, non-toxic print.Compatible with our and other wooden train sets. Pack includes:

(2) 2" straight track pieces
(4) 4" straight track pieces
(2) 6" straight track pieces
(8) 8" straight track pieces
(2) 12" straight track pieces
(8) large curve track pieces
(4) small curve track pieces
(1) large switch pair
(1) siding pair
(1) adapter pair
(1) crossover

Combined track length: 212 inches / 18 feet!

3 years and up
4 lbs
14" x 6" x 4"
$ 181.50145.20 (20% off)