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What Does A Wood Products Company Do During A Pandemic?

08/25/2020 - Release at Will

MIDDLEBURY, Vt.— Social distancing while wearing masks, the Product Development Team at Maple Landmark wondered how to help the community, beyond donating their supply of N95 masks. Other businesses in Middlebury’s industrial park made masks by the thousands and alcohol-based hand sanitizer by the gallons but what could be made from wood that’s beneficial?

John Gallagher, a member of the Team, suggested a drying rack for masks, commenting, “at home, the masks get lost in the wash or, when the load isn’t big enough, the masks have to be handwashed and then they are hanging everywhere. We could make something to help with that.” Through the process, three different styles of drying racks were created, including one for children with a quartet of cartoon animals printed on the sides. Even though the drying racks were designed to be used with face masks, the racks can easily be used to dry plastic bags or other small items even provide a stylish way to keep necklaces from getting tangled.

Other members mentioned the show of support for essential workers with hearts and thank-you signs posted around town. George Macedo, Maple Landmark’s graphic designer, was tasked with integrating both worthy sentiments into one product by creating an ornament. The ornament has the words “Thank You” written across the center with red and blue detailing and a yellow banner that can be customized with a name or profession.

Supporting the community’s effort to battle COVID-19 is very important to Maple Landmark not just because they and their employees are a part of the community but because it’s the right thing to do.

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Maple Landmark is a wooden products manufacturer located in Middlebury, Vermont. Since 1979, the 40 woodworkers at Maple Landmark have been crafting a wide array of award-winning toys, games, and gifts from local and sustainable wood. Maple Landmark uses a variety of manufacturing systems, innovative product design, and modern technology integrated with classic woodworking to remain competitive in a crowded industry that faces significant international trade pressures. Distributing products across the United States and sometimes internationally, Maple Landmark is recognized as a standard for quality wooden products in an increasingly tech-driven world.

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