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Track, Hoover Dam Bridge

Officially the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the Hoover Dam Bridge was built as a bypass to U.S. Route 93 which ran across the top of the dam. Spanning the Black Canyon of the Colorado about 2,000 feet southwest of the dam, the Bridge provides a safer and faster way to traverse the gap while providing spectacular views of the majestic dam. Now, your train can travel across this majestic span, complete with canyon at either end.

Measures 13" long (12" piece of track), 2.6" thick and 3.6" tall. Bridge graphics are printed directly on the wood; train tracks are engraved.

The optional backdrop measures approx. 9" tall, 21" wide, and 3" deep.

NOTE: Bridge track pair (SKU 10565) are not included but are required to ascend and descend from bridge level.

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2.6" x 13" x 3.6"

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