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Push and Pull Toys

Our Push N Pulls are really kid powered! The Schoolhouse Naturals My First Train and the Push N Pull trio are perfect for the crawler—big pieces to hang on to! The rolling rover is designed to roll over all types of surfaces. All come with a hole in the front to tie a string to create a pull toy when the child is walking. Our rolling shape sorter is several activities in one—a push toy, a shape sorter, and a noise maker! The shape sorter cage sits on the wheels of the carriage so the faster the push the faster the cage rolls making more and more sound. The shape sorter can be purchased separately and comes with 12 dye stain colored pieces. All pieces are shipped shrink-wrapped.

Push and Pulls
My First Train thumbnail image My First Train
This train is really kid powered! The four cars in this train connect easily with a ball and socket hitching system, perfect ...
SKU: 73110
Push N Pull, Elephant thumbnail image Push N Pull, Elephant
The Push N Pull Elephant measures approximately 6" long by 6" high by 2-3/4" wide. Crafted from locally sourced, responsibly ...
SKU: 73155 Special
Reg. $21.60
Sale $12.96
Cage Shape Sorter thumbnail image Cage Shape Sorter
The shape sorter is 6" long and 5" in diameter. There are 3 each of 4 colored shaped pieces - yellow square, blue triangle, ...
SKU: 73550
Shape Roller Chassis
A rethink of the old "popcorn popper" push toy and ours has two activities in one! The Rolling Shape Sorter can be pushed an...
SKU: 73555 Discontinued
Will'e Wobble? thumbnail image Will'e Wobble?
A push toy for pre-toddlers. The wheels are off-center to create a wobbling motion as it rolls. String can to added to make a...
SKU: 73681 New
Will'e Wobble More? thumbnail image Will'e Wobble More?
An add-on to Will'e Wobble! Two additional middle-segments for more fun. Made of hardwood maple and decorated with a non-toxi...
SKU: 73682 New
Rolling Rover thumbnail image Rolling Rover
Twelve wheels and colorful flexible joints can traverse tough terrain. When developing the product we thought of the Mars Ro...
SKU: 73690

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