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Track, Dale Creek Crossing (Pre-2023)

Part of the original Transcontinental Railroad, the Dale Creek Crossing was a significant engineering challenge, meant to span a 650-foot gap at 150 feet over Dale Creek. Located near Buford, WY, all that remains of this feat of construction is the abutments, resting in the ground between the two rail pathways. Though the real-life Dale Creek Crossing trestle was wobbly and unstable, this version will easily support your NameTrains and much more!

Measures 12.7" long (12" piece of track equivalent), 2.5" thick and 4" tall. Bridge detailing & train tracks are engraved.

NOTE: Bridge track pair (SKU 10565) are not included but are required to ascend and descend from bridge level.

3 years and up
0.56 lbs
12.7" x 2.5" x 4"

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