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Whether you are celebrating Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of july or just wanting to show your stripes our Americana collection is perfect. The kids will love our silly sticks, yo-yos and train whistles. Older children can learn a bit about our national landmarks with our memory tile game, puzzles and our D/R NameTrain car. The family can show its pride with our patriot candle block or decorative pine block. The woodworking and the design was all done right here at our shop!

Patriotic Decorative Block thumbnail image Patriotic Decorative Block
Show your patriotism all year 'round with our large solid pine block. The block measures 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 11 1/2" long. Pa...
SKU: 32501
U.S. Flag Wall Hanging thumbnail image U.S. Flag Wall Hanging
A rustic patriotic accent for every American home! Made from birch plywood and printed with non-toxic ink. Approx. 21" long, ...
SKU: 34001
Yo-yo, Flag thumbnail image Yo-yo, Flag
This hardwood yo-yo is assembled by us from domestic parts. A printed American flag decorates one side. Yo-yo measures approx...
SKU: 41190
Train Whistle, Flag thumbnail image Train Whistle, Flag
Our 4-tone Flag Train Whistle sounds just like the real thing. Crafted from responsibly harvested pine and high quality birch...
SKU: 41290
Silly Sticks - Starry Eyes thumbnail image Silly Sticks - Starry Eyes
Be silly with our Silly Sticks. The Starry Eyes are 11" long, 5 1/4" wide, and 1/4" thick. On one side - the stars and stripe...
SKU: 41326
Silly Sticks - US Flag thumbnail image Silly Sticks - US Flag
Be silly with our Silly Sticks. Our waving American flag measures about 11 1/2" long and 1/4" thick and the flag itself is ab...
SKU: 41342
Silly Sticks - Bow Tie thumbnail image Silly Sticks - Bow Tie
Be silly with our Silly Sticks. The Bow Tie stick is 8" long and 5 1/2" wide and the tie is 2" tall. Cut from 1/4" plywood. O...
SKU: 41386 Special
Reg. $4.20
Sale $2.52
Silly Sticks - V-Sign thumbnail image Silly Sticks - V-Sign
Be silly with our Silly Sticks. The V-Sign features a patriotic-styled hand making the V/peace sign. This silly stick is cut ...
SKU: 41727
Puzzle, 4th of July thumbnail image Puzzle, 4th of July
This brightly colored 4th of July Puzzle has 20-pieces and sits in a 11" wide by 15" high frame. Printed image won't scrape o...
SKU: 42183 Special
Reg. $22.40
Sale $13.44
Puzzle, Lift & Learn US Map thumbnail image Puzzle, Lift & Learn US Map
From sea to shining sea! The US Map Lift & Learn Puzzle, from Maple Landmark Woodcraft, depicts the United States in two dist...
SKU: 42308
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, American Flag thumbnail image Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, American Flag
The American flag has 15 large interlocking pieces cut from 1/8" hardwood plywood. The puzzle measures about 7 3/4" X 14 3/4...
SKU: 42432
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Flag/Preamble thumbnail image Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Flag/Preamble
Our American Flag puzzle with the Preamble has 15 large interlocking pieces cut from 1/8" hardwood plywood. The puzzle measur...
SKU: 42436
Wind Spinner, Red, White, and Blue thumbnail image Wind Spinner, Red, White, and Blue
Add a splash of color to your yard with this classic wind spinner. Just fan it out, hang it up and let it twirl in the breeze...
SKU: 46012
Memory Tiles, American Icons thumbnail image Memory Tiles, American Icons
12 different national symbols are depicted on this set of American Icons Memory Tiles. A little history is mixed in with play...
SKU: 50712
Washington D.C. Buildings Set thumbnail image Washington D.C. Buildings Set
This Creative Child Award-Winning Block Set is crafted from locally-sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, this set o...
SKU: 61651
American Flag Bookmark thumbnail image American Flag Bookmark
The bookmarks measure about 8" long, 1 1/4" wide and less than 1 millimeter thick. The thinness allows readers to use the mar...
SKU: 65521
Pallet Sign, Flag thumbnail image Pallet Sign, Flag
Giving new life to old wooden shipping pallets! Measuring approx. 3.25" wide and 15" tall, this sign adds a beautiful rustic ...
SKU: 69018
USA Cubes thumbnail image USA Cubes
This four-block decorative set is sure to bring out your patriotic side! All block sides are American-themed including 7 nati...
SKU: 72931

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