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age 5 and up

Tongue Drum thumbnail image Tongue Drum
Tippity tap! The Tongue Drum, featuring four unique sounds from the difference "tongues," is the perfect beginner instrument ...
SKU: 47041
Paw-Cussion thumbnail image Paw-Cussion
Percussion? In a paw shape? Must be Paw-Cussion! This musical instrument is great for keeping the beat with its four large ji...
SKU: 47061
Sport Whistle thumbnail image Sport Whistle
Tweeeeeeet! Start a race, call a penalty or lead a parade! This shrill whistle can be used however you'd like. The whistle me...
SKU: 47081
Unicorn "Horn" thumbnail image Unicorn "Horn"
Blow into this unicorn's horn and get a whistle sound! Great for creative play and imagination. The whistle measures approx. ...
SKU: 47082
Moo-Rakka thumbnail image Moo-Rakka
Shake, shake, shake! The Moo-Rakka is our take on a classic maraca. A handful of large beads rattle around inside, making a f...
SKU: 47042
The Woodpecker thumbnail image The Woodpecker
Ratta-tat-tat! The Woodpecker pecks back and forth as you shake it. This instrument is made of maple and measures approximate...
SKU: 47101 New
Cowbell thumbnail image Cowbell
Dong, dong, dong! Swing this cowbell back and forth for a sharp clacking sound. Made from maple, this noisemaker measures 4" ...
SKU: 47011 New

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