Congratulations to Mike Rainville, the 2017 SBA Small Business Person of the Year for Vermont

age 3 and up

Unfinished Classic, Fire Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Fire Truck has two removable ladders and two firefighters ready to go! Weighing nearly three pounds an...
SKU: 76211 Discontinued
Unfinished Classic, Log Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Log Truck holds four 3-1/2" long removable logs and two loggers! Weighing nearly three pounds and meas...
SKU: 76216 Discontinued
Unfinished Classic, Moving Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Moving Truck has a removable box lid and two removable people. Weighing nearly three pounds and measur...
SKU: 76221 Discontinued
Unfinished Classic, Racing Team
Our Unfinished Classic Racing Team Truck has two removable formula one race cars and two people. The cars sit easily on the b...
SKU: 76226 Discontinued
Unfinished Classic, School Bus
Our Unfinished Classic School Bus has a removable roof so all of the children and the bus driver can come out! Weighing nearl...
SKU: 76231 Discontinued
Unfinished Classic, Tic-Tac-Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Tic Tac Truck comes with eleven removable people. Game-piece people fit comfortably into holes in the ...
SKU: 76236 Discontinued

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