NameTrain Morgan the Horse thumbnail image NameTrain Morgan the Horse
Morgan horses originated in Vermont as did this animal car. Morgan the Horse is crafted from local sustainably harvested nati...
SKU: 10335
Cutout Ornament, Rocking Horse thumbnail image Cutout Ornament, Rocking Horse
Our Cutout Maple Rocking Horse Ornament is crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, and measures a...
SKU: 60085 Special
Solace Ornament, Horses thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Horses
The Solace Horse Ornament is perfect for any eqine lover. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 3/16" thick and is l...
SKU: 66015 Special
Solace Coasters, 4 Pc, Horses thumbnail image Solace Coasters, 4 Pc, Horses
Set of four coasters featuring our laser cut Solace Horses design. Coasters measure approximately 3-3/4" diameter by 1/4" thi...
SKU: 66215 Special
Solace Trivet, Horses thumbnail image Solace Trivet, Horses
Functional and decorative, the Solace Horse Trivet is perfect for any equine lover. Trivet measures approximately 7-3/4" diam...
SKU: 66415 Special
Hobby Horse thumbnail image Hobby Horse
This adorable wooden Hobby Horse is about 36" from the tail to the tips of the ears. Sturdy enough for hours of play but stil...
SKU: 73050
Rocker-Feller Rocking Horse thumbnail image Rocker-Feller Rocking Horse
Rock away on Rocker-feller. A carefully designed and crafted rocking horse for that special little cowboy or cowgirl. All det...
SKU: 73060

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