Natural Classics
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Natural Classics Trucks
a colorful painted version.
All of the credit for these handsome heirloom toys goes to mother nature. These trucks have been designed for the greatest consideration for safety and the environment. From the sustainably harvested maple we use for the bodies to the engraved details, they are indeed Naturally Classic. These vehicles are geared for years of play, weighing a hefty 2-3/4 pounds and measuring 9" long. All vehicles feature removable people plus have an additional function: tic-tac-toe game, racing cars, removable logs, ladders, or removable roofs. The Classics are appropriate for ages 3+. A classic heirloom toy designed for years of unending imaginative play.

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Unfinished Classic, Fire Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Fire Truck has two removable ladders and two firefighters ready to go! Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring approximately 9" l...
SKU: 76211 Discontinued

Unfinished Classic, Log Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Log Truck holds four 3-1/2" long removable logs and two loggers! Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring approximately 9" long by...
SKU: 76216 Discontinued

Unfinished Classic, Moving Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Moving Truck has a removable box lid and two removable people. Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring approximately 9" long by 4...
SKU: 76221 Discontinued

Unfinished Classic, Racing Team
Our Unfinished Classic Racing Team Truck has two removable formula one race cars and two people. The cars sit easily on the back of the team truck and the ...
SKU: 76226 Discontinued

Unfinished Classic, School Bus
Our Unfinished Classic School Bus has a removable roof so all of the children and the bus driver can come out! Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring a...
SKU: 76231 Discontinued

Unfinished Classic, Tic-Tac-Truck
Our Unfinished Classic Tic Tac Truck comes with eleven removable people. Game-piece people fit comfortably into holes in the laser engraved truck bed for e...
SKU: 76236 Discontinued

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