Play Sets
Our Schoolhouse Naturals play sets are made from hardwood maple for durability and have large, easy-to-handle pieces stack well for little hands. The engraved designs and no finishes are perfect for children under 3 since everything still goes in the mouth. The sets are also great for developing motor and language skills as well as creativity.

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Schoolhouse Naturals Farm Family
Get creative with our 5 piece farm family. Mother, Father, two boys and a girl are great to make believe with. This farm family has engraved details on s...
SKU: 72315

Schoolhouse Naturals Play Furniture
A nine piece set of simple and durable hardwood maple furniture. Crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple with engraved details and no finishes. Gre...
SKU: 72351

Schoolhouse Naturals Barn Blocks
This 11 piece barn block set is crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple and has engraved graphics. All 11 blocks are 1" thick for easy standing and ...
SKU: 73315

Schoolhouse Naturals Farm Play Set
Our 21 piece farm set includes our block barn, tractor and 9 play figures. The 11 piece barn block set is crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple...
SKU: 73316

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