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Track, Sunniberg Bridge Full Set

Spanning the sharp mountains of the northeastern Swiss Alps, the Sunniberg Bridge crosses the Landquart River 200 feet over the water. Located near the town of Klosters, the bridge is a short distance from numerous ski resorts. Take a ride across this majestic landmark with your NameTrains cars!

This set includes 3 support structures, 2 pieces of large curve track, and an ascender/descender pair.

Measures approx. 27" long, 12" thick and 5" tall. Equivalent to a 90° turn or 1/4 of a circle when assembled. Bridge supports are painted gray with non-toxic finish. Train tracks are engraved.

NOTE: No additional risers or supports are needed for this set.

3 years and up
0.88 lbs
27" x 12" x 5"

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