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Track, Pont-Du-Gard Aqueduct

Bonjour! Built by the ancient Romans, the Pont-Du-Gard Aqueduct stretches across the Gardon River in southern France. Now, the aqueduct has become a viaduct, transporting your train from one side to the other.

Measures 12.3" long (12" piece of track equivalent), 2.6" thick and 3.5" tall. Bridge graphics are printed directly on the wood; train tracks are engraved.

NOTE: Bridge ramps (SKU 10560) are not included but are required to ascend and descend from bridge level. To chain multiple bridges together at bridge level, a 2" (or more) piece of track is required.

3 years and up
1.13 lbs
12.3" x 2.6" x 3.5"
$ 38.20