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Track, Playtable Set

Our 31-piece Playtable Set lays out to 24" by 38" and is great for smaller play spaces. Track is crafted from locally sourced and sustainably harvested hardwood. Straight track is grooved on one side, curved track, switches, and bridge approaches are grooved on both sides, and all are detailed with a colorful, non-toxic print. Compatible with our and other wooden train sets. Kit includes:

(1) 4-piece bridge set (2 supports, 2 ascending/descending pieces)
(4) small curve track pieces
(2) large switch pair
(1) 2" adapter pair
(3) 4" straight track pieces
(2) 8" puddlejumpers
(1) siding pair
(1) street crossing
(1) buffer stop pair
(1) short switch pair
(1) 6" straight
(8) large curve track pieces

3 years and up
3.7 lbs
38" x 24" x 3.5"

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