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Track, Glenfinnan Viaduct Curve Segment

Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, you may recognize this train bridge from its use in a popular movie series. The Glenfinnan Viaduct is located at the northeast corner of Loch Shiel and spans the River Finnan to carry the West Highland Line from Fort William to Mallaig. Take a magical ride across this century-old landmark  with your NameTrains cars!

This elevated straight segment is equivalent to 22.5° or 1/16 of a circle. It is also equal to half of a large curve.

Measures approx. 3.75" long, 1.75" thick and 3.5" tall. Bridge graphics are printed and engraved. Train tracks are engraved.

NOTE: Bridge risers are not included but are required to ascend and descend from bridge level. You can use the Glenfinnan ascenders (SKU 10783) or standard bridge risers (SKU 10560).

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