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NameTrain Bridges

Add some pizzazz to your track layout with our collection of bridges. Be old fashioned with the covered bridge or super contemporary with our Cable Stay bridge. Compatibility: Our bridges are higher than most others to accommodate our letter cars. Our track is designed to be compatible with that of Brio®, Thomas the Tank® and other wooden track systems. However, due to different processes and design goals, each company’s parts vary somewhat. Therefore the parts should connect fine but they may not be perfectly interchangeable.

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Track, Bridge Set thumbnail image Track, Bridge Set
Four piece bridge set (two ramps and two supports) for your NameTrain wooden railway layout is compatible with similar track ...
SKU: 10560
Track, Bridge Support thumbnail image Track, Bridge Support
Extra bridge supports are good for making double-high bridges or extending the track between inclines. Each 2" wide by 3" hig...
SKU: 10562
Track, Arch Support thumbnail image Track, Arch Support
The Arch, crafted from locally-harvested hardwood maple, measures just shy of 7" tall, has a base width of 7" and is 1" thick...
SKU: 10564
Track, Covered Bridge thumbnail image Track, Covered Bridge
Our Covered Bridge measures 2-3/8" wide by 6" long by 4-1/8" tall, affixed over a 6" piece of track. Bridge opening is high ...
SKU: 10570
Track, Suspension Bridge thumbnail image Track, Suspension Bridge
Create your own San Francisco Bay area with our suspension bridge. Bridge can lay flat on the track table or it can span a di...
SKU: 10575
Track, Reversing Arch Bridge thumbnail image Track, Reversing Arch Bridge
This versatile bridge can be used two different ways: standing up with track on top as a trestle (in conjunction with our bri...
SKU: 10580
Track, Steel Arch Bridge w/Ramps thumbnail image Track, Steel Arch Bridge w/Ramps
A big bridge! The main portion of our Steel Arched bridge measures 7'-1/4" high by 2" wide by 24" long. Attach the included t...
SKU: 10582
Track, Sydney Harbour Bridge thumbnail image Track, Sydney Harbour Bridge
Crikey! We've gone to the land down under - Australia! Famously part of the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks display, the Sydn...
SKU: 10721 New
Track, Bow Bridge thumbnail image Track, Bow Bridge
Just 1,000 feet from the bustle of the New York City streets, the Bow Bridge rests peacefully in the refuge of Central Park. ...
SKU: 10722 New
Track, Pont-Du-Gard Aqueduct thumbnail image Track, Pont-Du-Gard Aqueduct
Bonjour! Built by the ancient Romans, the Pont-Du-Gard Aqueduct stretches across the Gardon River in southern France. Now, th...
SKU: 10723 New
Track, Ravenel Bridge thumbnail image Track, Ravenel Bridge
Just north of historic Fort Sumter is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston, SC! While our version of the bridge is one...
SKU: 10724 New
Track, Golden Gate Bridge thumbnail image Track, Golden Gate Bridge
The jewel of San Francisco Bay! Known for its striking stature and international orange color, the Golden Gate Bridge is perh...
SKU: 10725 New

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