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More Toddler Toys

Montgomery Schoolhouse toddler toys are classic manipulative toys that improve both gross and fine motor skills, learn about shapes, patterning and sequencing, learn letters and the beginning of speech patterns. These are basic toys that every child should have-shape sorters, and Spinnies. Each toddler toy is designed for safety for children 1-1/2 years old and up, but some items like the Lace-A-Shapes are more developmentally appropriate for children 5 and up.

See the full Montgomery Schoolhouse line of Toddler Toys here.

Spinny Speller thumbnail image Spinny Speller
Three blocks, with letters printed on 1" by 1-1/4" faces, spin to make dozens of simple words. Great for early reading skills...
SKU: 73020
Spinny Critters thumbnail image Spinny Critters
Mix and match the heads, bodies, and legs of four animals printed on the faces of three blocks to make a horse, dog, lion, rh...
SKU: 73021
Spinny People thumbnail image Spinny People
Mix and match the heads, bodies, and legs of four characters printed on the faces of three blocks to make a doctor, football ...
SKU: 73022
Spinny Math thumbnail image Spinny Math
Three blocks, with numbers printed on 1" by 1-1/4" cube faces and the math symbols in the middle. Creates dozens of math prob...
SKU: 73023
Shape Sorter Bench thumbnail image Shape Sorter Bench
Twelve blocks in four primary shapes match to their corresponding holes: circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, in our Natu...
SKU: 73031
Natural Shape Stacker thumbnail image Natural Shape Stacker
The natural Shape Stacker introduces 4 basic educational concepts. Shapes - the shapes are a triangle, square, pentagon, h...
SKU: 73035
Colored Shape Stacker thumbnail image Colored Shape Stacker
The colored Shape Stacker introduces 5 educational concepts. Colors - each shape is one of six rainbow colors Shapes - ...
SKU: 73036
Cage Shape Sorter thumbnail image Cage Shape Sorter
The shape sorter is 6" long and 5" in diameter. There are 3 each of 4 colored shaped pieces - yellow square, blue triangle, ...
SKU: 73550

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