Teach+Play Tiles
The most versatile educational product that we make! Teach + Play Tiles can grow with the child. Each set has 12 tiles that are printed on both sides. Use as flash cards to help teach colors, shapes, numbers, fractions, names of things, story telling, the possibilities are endless. Each tile set comes with a cloth pouch for storage and a suggested activity sheet.

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Teach+Play Tiles, Colors/Shapes
Children will have fun learning colors and shapes with this set of Teach+Play Tiles. The set of 12 wooden cards features 12 colors on one side of the ti...
SKU: 73402

Teach+Play Tiles, Number/Fraction
Learn the basics of counting and division with our Numbers and Fractions Teach+Play Tiles. These tiles are great for demonstrating numbers, helping chi...
SKU: 73406

Teach+Play Tiles, Animal/Vegetable
Basics animals (wild and domestic) and vegetables are introduced in the Animal/Vegetable Teach+Play Tiles. This set of 12 wooden cards features colorful...
SKU: 73410

Teach+Play Tiles, Building/Vehicle
Children can tell stories about the world around them with our Building and Vehicle Teach + Play Tiles. These tiles can help a child tell a story, identify...
SKU: 73413 Discontinued

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