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Our very popular Biplane and Helicopter are made from mixed pine and hardwoods (if we made them too heavy, they might not get off the ground!). The rotors and propeller blades move freely and people are removable. These classics are appropriate for ages 3+ and all finishes are non-toxic. Comes shrink-wrapped.

See the full Montgomery Schoolhouse line here.

Classic Vehicle People, 4 pieces thumbnail image Classic Vehicle People, 4 pieces
Hardwood replacement "people" pieces fit Montgomery Schoolhouse Classics and MY Trains. 4 pieces, colors vary. People measure...
SKU: 70301
Classic, Biplane thumbnail image Classic, Biplane
The Classic Biplane has two removable people, wheels that turn, and propeller to spin. Measuring approximately 9" long by 7-7...
SKU: 76004
Classic, Fire Truck
The Classic Fire Truck has two removable ladders and two firefighters ready to go! Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring...
SKU: 76110 Discontinued
Classic, Helicopter thumbnail image Classic, Helicopter
The Classic Helicopter has two rotor blades that spin and 2 removable people. Measuring approximately 8-1/4" long by 6" wide ...
SKU: 76180
Classic, Log Truck
The Classic Log Truck holds four 3-1/2" long removable logs and two loggers! Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring appro...
SKU: 76115 Discontinued
Classic, Moving Truck
The Classic Moving Truck has a removable box lid and two removable people. Weighing nearly three pounds and measuring approxi...
SKU: 76120 Discontinued
Classic, Racing Team
The Classic Racing Team Truck has two removable formula one race cars and two people. The cars sit easily on the back of the ...
SKU: 76125 Discontinued
Classic, School Bus
The Classic School Bus has a removable roof so all of the children and the bus driver can come out! Weighing nearly three pou...
SKU: 76130 Discontinued
Classic, Tic-Tac-Truck
The Classic Tic Tac Truck comes with eleven removable people. Game-piece people fit comfortably into holes in the printed tru...
SKU: 76135 Discontinued

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