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Fun with Shapes

Squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, and octagon are in the mix of shapes in the bench and the stacker. Sorting and learning shapes is one of the basic skills for children and children learn through play. Colors add another dimension in the sorting and learning process as well. Our mosaic tiles (moon and triangle) are cut from hardwood plywood for the older children and adults. Our toddler aged toys the stacker and the sorter are all made from responsibly harvested hardwood maple.

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Mosaic Triangles, 96 piece thumbnail image Mosaic Triangles, 96 piece
Colorful wooden triangles in limitless ways for never-ending design possibilities. Triangles measure approximately 1.5 inches...
SKU: 42601
Moon Mosaic, 60 piece thumbnail image Moon Mosaic, 60 piece
Colorful wooden quarter moons, full moons and other "connecting" shapes can be laid out in limitless ways for never-ending de...
SKU: 42603
Ornament, Mosaic Window thumbnail image Ornament, Mosaic Window
Something new and different from Maple Landmark! Our acrylic ornaments make great sun catchers as well as tree ornaments. Th...
SKU: 60732 New
Shape Sorter Bench thumbnail image Shape Sorter Bench
Twelve blocks in four primary shapes match to their corresponding holes: circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, in our Natu...
SKU: 73031
Natural Shape Stacker thumbnail image Natural Shape Stacker
The natural Shape Stacker introduces 4 basic educational concepts. Shapes – the shapes are a triangle, square, pentagon, h...
SKU: 73035
Colored Shape Stacker thumbnail image Colored Shape Stacker
The colored Shape Stacker introduces 5 educational concepts. Colors – each shape is one of six rainbow colors Shapes – ...
SKU: 73036
Cage Shape Sorter thumbnail image Cage Shape Sorter
The shape sorter is 6" long and 5" in diameter. There are 3 each of 4 colored shaped pieces - yellow square, blue triangle, ...
SKU: 73550
Rolling Shape Sorter thumbnail image Rolling Shape Sorter
A rethink of the old "popcorn popper" push toy and ours has two activities in one! The Rolling Shape Sorter can be pushed an...
SKU: 73560

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