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Wind Spinner Instructions

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For best results, you will need two 3/8" wrenches to loosen / tighten the slats. Pliers or adjustable wrenches will do.

The spinner is shipped flat, you will need to rotate the slats into a curved pattern.

If the slats are too tight to turn by hand: Holding the spinner upright, take a 3/8" wrench and twist the Top Nut counter-clockwise until the pieces are just loose enough to move and manipulate. You will probably have to use another wrench or pliers on the bottom nut to keep the shaft from turning. We have locked all other connections except the top nut so the spinner can't spin itself apart. You'll want to re-tighten the Top Nut when satisfied.

To tighten it back up: Just turn the top nut clockwise.

To clean: Using a disinfecting wipe, rub away dirt & grime.

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