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A 2-4 player railroad stacking game! Create wacky tracks with loops, intersections & dead-ends. Fun for the whole family!


Make track connections to score points, the most points wins.


For 2, 3 or 4 players - the 36 blocks are distributed evenly (18, 12 or 9 pcs each). You may use the carry bag to mix up and draw out the pieces. It is not necessary to hide your pieces from your opponent(s) but it might be desirable at higher levels of play. In that case, barriers will need to be devised.



Each player takes a turn placing one of their blocks in play by siding it down one of the six column spaces. The block can be either side up and front/back, it doesn't matter. Only one move per turn.

Points are scored when track connections are made with previously played blocks. Each connection is worth one point to the person making the play, see Fig.1.

Playing a block such that a track extends off the margin of the field of play is allowed but the player making the move loses one point for each track going off the edge, see Fig.2.

The intent is to make contiguous track lines. Making a play that creates a disconnect in the track line is not allowed, see Fig.3.

Bonus: Extra 5 points to the player completing a circle, see Fig.4.


  • You must play, even for a negative point, unless the only possible move creates a disconnected track. In that case the player must pass and play continues. The game ends when the board is full, or no one can play. If someone runs out of pieces, they sit out the rest of the game.

  • Once the game is complete, each player's scores are added and the highest score is the winner.

  • House rules are encouraged. If you have one that works well, feel free to share it with us.

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