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Memory Tiles Instructions

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Place all tiles picture side down and mix them thoroughly. Next arrange them in a grid pattern, such as 6 rows of 4 tiles.


The first player turns up two tiles to look at the hidden picture. If the two pictures match, the player gets to keep them both and may play again. If the pictures do not match, they must be placed back down as they were and the next player gets to try.


The challenge is to remember where the hidden pictures are so that pairs can be made on the next turn. The game ends when all tiles are matched and the winner is the player with the most pairs.


For a simpler version, remove some of the tile pairs so there are fewer to remember.

Difficulty can also be adjusted by deciding whether the turned tiles are shown to all players or only viewed by the player taking the turn. For small children it may be more enjoyable to see all as they are turned over, they still need to remember the locations.

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