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Dominoes Instructions



Standard Dominoes


Animal Dominoes


Bird Dominoes




Place all dominoes picture side down and mix them thoroughly.


Each player then picks five dominoes, starting with the youngest player first and then rotating to the left. Play starts and continues in the same order around the table.


To begin, the first player must put down a double domino (one with two ducks, two rabbits, etc.). A player unable to play must draw another from the pile. If it is a double, it can be played. If not, the next player must either play a double or pick.


Once play has started, the next player must match a picture and put it down or draw. A drawn domino can be put down if it can be played. When putting pieces down to match a double, it can be put on any of the four sides. When putting down a piece to match one end, it must be laid end to end. (See illustration) The layout can grow in all directions with any open end being available to match.


If the pile of extra dominoes runs out, a player must pass. The first player to run out of pieces is the winner.


For more advanced play with the animals set and Peterson birds set: Since these sets are the same progression as a regular set of double six dominoes, they can be used to play by regular rules if the different shapes are given values 0-6.

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