40th Anniversary Bells & Whistles July Sale - NEW Moo-Rakka!


To assure Christmas delivery via ground delivery, we recommend placing your order by the date below, depending on the destination state.

Note: We cannot guarantee delivery dates as those vary by products purchased and shipper. The schedule is meant to be a guide in planning for products to arrive by Christmas Day. If you need them sooner, plan accordingly.

AK12/13 AL12/17 AR12/17 AZ12/13 CA12/13
CO12/13 CT12/19 DC12/18 DE12/18 FL12/17
GA12/17 HI12/13 IA12/17 ID12/13 IL12/17
IN12/17 KS12/17 KY12/18 LA12/17 MA12/19
MD12/18 ME12/18 MI12/17 MN12/17 MO12/17
MS12/17 MT12/14 NC12/18 ND12/14 NE12/14
NH12/19 NJ12/18 NM12/13 NV12/13 NY12/18
OH12/18 OK12/17 OR12/13 PA12/18 RI12/19
SC12/17 SD12/14 TN12/17 TX12/17 UT12/13
VA12/18 VT12/19 WA12/13 WI12/17 WV12/18

For 2-day air we suggest placing your order by 12/19 and for overnight service we suggest before noon (ET) 12/21.

12/21-12/22: If you really need something for Christmas, you should call us to check for possibilities, 800-421-4223.

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