Doing Business "Locally"


Doing business locally means working with people you know and trust. Both parties, and the community, have a stake in a successful relationship. The economic power of doing business locally is not to be ignored. Money spent creates more jobs and gives people more spending power. In short, what goes around, comes around.

Given the likely alternate sources for wooden toys and gifts, we like to think we are America's local toy company. While we are not "just around the corner" for most of our customers, we are closer than most sources of wooden toys and work hard to be responsive to your needs. Hopefully we have earned your business by helping to create a successful relationship.

Retailers that preach buying local to their customers but don't do it themselves are disingenuous. At Maple Landmark, we take doing business locally seriously. From the services we hire, to our banking relationship, to our material sourcing, the nearer, the better. Where we can, components come from local companies. We succeed to the point that only about 1% of our budget goes to purchase foreign-sourced items.

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