06/07/2004 - Release at Will

Vermont Company Fetes 25 Years

Maple Landmark marks it's 25th year with over 50 new and redesigned wooden toys and gifts.

Middlebury, VT—In celebration of it's 25th year Maple Landmark made changes and additions to their already popular product lines and continued to branch out into new areas for 2004!

The NameTrainsx accessories received the most dramatic facelift this year with the addition of more sophisticated graphics. Each animal not only has a new look but also a name—Snowball the Kitty, Lizzie Ladybug and Harry Gorilla are the additions for 2004 and round out the more than a dozen available animal accessories. The vehicle accessories were not to be left behind—each now has updated graphics giving the cars more action. Finally, not to be outdone the NameTrain buildings have also been redesigned for more stability when used with a track layout.

Several new items were also developed under the NameTrainx brand—a clock train, a toy box and picture frames create an added dimension to the NameTrainx line. The Clock Train always keeps the trains on time! Permanently mounted on a solid piece of track the cherry clock car is pulled with the standard black engine and the train is completed with a red caboose. The NameTrainx toy box measures 8" deep x 10" wide x 13" long and has holes for handles. Large enough to hold lots of toys but small enough for the little ones to take where they what to. The 8 x 10 NameTrainx picture frames are great for showing off the family. Available with or without accent train cars, the 8 x 10 frames come with glass and an easel/hanging back.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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