06/12/2005 - For Immediate Release

Montgomery Schoolhouse Receives FSC Certification

Middlebury, VT—As of April 1st, 2005, Montgomery Schoolhouse, an in-house subsidiary of Maple Landmark, has officially received its Chain-Of-Custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This designation allows the company to make and sell products from wood that has been certified to be sustainably harvested under the guidelines of the FSC.

A new line of Montgomery Schoolhouse toy trucks, named Natural Classics, has been developed using FSC wood. Other features of these toys are designed with nature in mind as well. The finish is beeswax based, giving a wonderful feel and smell. The graphic details are laser etched, so no inks or solvents are used at all.

Part of the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) mission is to "promote environmentally appropriate management of the world's forests." This management also "ensures that the harvesting of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's bio-diversity, productivity and ecological processes." Trees that are grown and harvested under the FSC system are tracked through to the finished product, whether it is furniture, building materials or even toys. Montgomery Schoolhouse will be required to segregate it from other wood used in the factory and track this material as is goes through the production process.

Mike Rainville, owner of Montgomery Schoolhouse commented that "for the products we make from wood harvested under the FSC system, we will now be able to use the FSC logo. This is an increasingly important designation within the industry that assures appropriate "green" forest practices. While we believe all of our wood, which is sourced regionally, is responsibly harvested, this gives our customers an extra level of assurance when it is important to them." For the future, Montgomery Schoolhouse will be using FSC material in more standard products as well as making certified wood an option in the custom woodwork.

Montgomery Schoolhouse had been making wooden toys and heirloom baby rattles, in Montgomery, Vermont, for over 25 years when it was brought under the umbrella of Maple Landmark, in 2001. Over the years, the highly-designed, brightly colored items like the MY Trains and Scoots! had set Montgomery Schoolhouse apart from other toy manufacturers. Rainville's hope is that the FSC certification will be one more thing that separates Montgomery Schoolhouse products apart from other wooden toys.

For more information on Maple Landmark/Montgomery Schoolhouse or the FSC system please visit the respective websites at www.maplelandmark.com or www.fsc.org.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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