06/12/2005 - For Immediate Release

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Maple Landmark Introduces the “Designers Collection”

A redesign of the Hang-A-Name line creates flexible themed products for children and designers alike.

Middlebury, VT—Whether a child likes flowers or fire trucks, the new “Designers Collection” from Maple Landmark makes decorating a snap. Mirrors, coat racks, picture frames, growth sticks and even the child’s name can be created for any play room, nursery or bedroom in up to 10 different themes.

The highly successful 5-year old Hang-A-Name line has undergone a beautiful transformation. The “starter characters,” originally almost an inch thick, have been redesigned into a thin medallion allowing for many uses beyond a simple name starter. The medallions can now be mounted on a variety of room décor items. Creating a very flexible, yet uncomplicated way to design thematic rooms.

The “starter characters” designs were also updated for 2005. Completely new designs and new artwork have been created for the 10 starter characters. New to the line are an apple, dinosaur, dog and sunflower and new artwork can be found on the teddy bear, school bus, fire truck, heart, sports and train engine.

“Using new technology and applying concepts we have learned from other projects has allowed us to create an even more flexible product that should have even wider appeal for customers as well as open the door to more customized and private label items,” comments Mike Rainville, owner of Maple Landmark. Rainville goes on to say, “we are really excited about the possibilities that the line opens up to us. Mirrors, picture frames, and coat racks are all new to us but because they can all center around the same theme we know the new items will be a hit with designers, retailers and kids alike.”

The new 14" x 23" wall mirror crafted from rock maple has a mantel arch in the middle of the top so any of the 10 “character medallions” can be attached to carry the theme. The new coat rack has large red knobs so little ones can easily hang up their clothes. Crafted from maple the coat rack measures about 14" wide by 5" high. Also like the mirror, has a mantel shape so the medallion can be placed in the center of the rack and both have keyhole slots for easy hanging. The hardwood horizontal picture frame can accommodate a 4 x 6 photo and has glass. The medallion is mounted on the right hand side of the frame so it doesn’t interfere with the photos’ subject.

The introduction of the mirrors, picture frames and coat racks represent the second round of additions to the product line. In 2003, the growth sticks were added to the Hang-A-Name line and have been received with great success.

For more information on the Hang-A-Name product line or Maple Landmark please refer to the website at www.maplelandmark.com.

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