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Maple Landmark Expands Infant Product Offerings

Three New Teether Designs Are Added To Schoolhouse Naturals Brand Product Line.

MIDDLEBURY, Vt.—Three new designs of teethers have been added to the Schoolhouse Naturals brand line by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. Carefully crafted from locally-harvested hardwood maple, the new teethers include Infinity, Pi and an owl shapes. Engraved on one side of the Infinity teether is “…the possibilities are infinite…” and the Pi symbol has “3.141592653589793” engraved across on the top. Perfect for the nerdiest of new parents!

Each measures approximately 4" across/tall and 3/4" thick. The teethers are large enough for babies to get their hands around and yet small enough to be comfortable in the mouth. “We take a lot of care with each teether, six separate sanding steps creates a silky smooth finish. The tight grain of hardwood maple doesn’t splinter like other types of wood helping to make the teethers naturally anti-microbial as well,” stated Jayne Cousino, Product Development Team Member.

The teethers are sold individually, come shrink wrapped and have care instructions included in the packaging.

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