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Two New NameTrain™ Cars from Maple Landmark

A Panda Design And A Party Engine To Mark The 20th Anniversary of the NameTrains.

Middlebury, VT—Maple Landmark Woodcraft has added a black and white Panda bear holding an eucalyptus branch and a 2014 Party Engine to the NameTrain product line for the summer buying season.

The Panda, named Precious, is the first new animal accessory car in over five years. “The business that we do with museums, zoos, wildlife venues and nature centers is growing so we wanted to round out our wild animal offerings to better suit their needs,” stated Jill Stackhouse, product development team member and sales manager.

While there is a new NameTrain annual engine every year, this year’s engine celebrates the 20th anniversary of the NameTrains and the 35th anniversary of Maple Landmark Woodcraft. The engine is decorated with party balloons and streamers and, of course, a clown is the engineer.

All of the new pieces are compatible with all of the NameTrain pieces, including track, bridges and letters as well as other popular wooden track systems. The cars are made from locally-harvested hardwood maple. The graphics are printed on both sides with a durable ink and sealed with a clear finish.

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