11/16/2009 - For Immediate Release

Give More Than Just This Year's "Top Ten"
Part II

Maple Landmark creates classic, natural, heirloom wooden toys to last a lifetime.

Middlebury, VT—As the corporate toy stores are releasing their list of the "Top Ten Toys for 2009", Maple Landmark continues to make classic wooden toys that have true staying power, are better for the environment, the American economy and most importantly the child.

Respecting the environment and understanding their role in it, Maple Landmark Woodcraft has worked to minimize their impact on the environment in a variety of ways. Maple Landmark Woodcraft works with a local lumber company, Lathrop's Maple Supply, located about 15 miles from the factory, who supplies sustainably harvested hardwood maple and pine. "We've worked with Lathrop's since the beginning and we know their forestry practices—no clear cutting, no unnecessary damage to saplings, and no forest roads left to erode. Besides, when a company's been doing business for over 100 years, you know they are doing things right," commented Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager.

Using sustainably harvested materials is only part of the Maple Landmark eco-friendly picture. Maple Landmark also uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly finishes like water-based color dyes; whey, a byproduct of Vermont's renowned milk and cheese industry; and naturoil that derives all it's ingredients from plants.

Byproducts of production are also put to good use. Sawdust is given to a local farmer that uses it for bedding for young cattle and scrap wood is made available for locals to use as kindling for fires. Maple Landmark shreds old periodicals from a local magazine distributor, along with office paper to make packing material. Maple Landmark also accepts boxes, peanuts and bubble wrap from folks in the community looking to reuse instead of throwing away.

Maple Landmark has been recognized by the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership and Green America for their dedication to a green economy and manufacturing strategies that reduce waste while upholding high production and quality standards.

Stackhouse quipped, "wooden toys are better for the environment because wood exists in the natural world unlike plastics that are chemically created but ultimately Vermont made wooden toys are the best for the environment because they didn't have to cross the oceans to get on the shelves.

To learn more about Maple Landmark's environmental strategies visit www.maplelandmark.com.

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility can be found at www.vbsr.org. Vermont Business Environmental Partnership's website is www.vbep.org and for more information on Green America visit their website at www.greenamericatoday.org.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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