01/08/2009 - For Immediate Release

Maple Landmark Produces "C Blox"

Vermont wooden products company to add licensed product their extensive collection of developmental toys.

Middlebury, VT—Partnering with Dr. Jean Miller, Ed.D., Maple Landmark has signed a deal to manufacture and distribute the "C-Blox" system of manipulatives. These blocks can expand from simple stacking to creative modern art while expanding the mind.

Dr. Jean Miller, a former educator, developed this system with development of the whole child in mind. With the set of 4 "C" shaped wooden blocks, children are learning about their world (gravity, weight, and spatial relationships); developing intellectual skills (experimenting, planning, estimating, observing, remembering and concentrating); learning language (describing and communicating about their creations), and improving physical skills (depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and gross and fine motor skills).

The set contains one large "c" measuring 6" long and 2" wide, one medium block measuring 4" long X 2" wide, and two small interlocking blocks that are both 3" long X 2" wide. The blocks are all 1" thick and crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple. The "C-Blox" are finished with a non-toxic, FDA approved, and certified kosher oil finish. The package comes with a cloth pouch for storage of the blocks and an informational sheet about the product.

The C-Blox are great mental aerobics for older folks too. Studies have shown that mental deterioration can be slowed in older people if they exercise their brain. The C-Blox give the brain the chance to exercise. Dr. Miller suggests that older people can enjoy C-Blox by creating an atmosphere of experimentation. She suggests creating guidelines for the designs, i.e. all facing left, or all laying flat and then working through the different combinations. Or experimenting with designs by only changing one block per day. Any or all of these exercises can help keep your brain in good working order.

"What could be more interesting than creating hundreds of different sculptures with only 4 pieces," commented Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager at Maple Landmark. Stackhouse goes on to say, "the C-Blox are not only a good fit for the company because of their educational quality but also because they are a natural product that fits well in our Schoolhouse Naturals product line."

For more information on the C-Blox or Maple Landmark, please visit www.maplelandmark.com.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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