10/30/2008 - For Immediate Release

Comfort Toys from Maple Landmark

Schoolhouse Naturals Line Offers Comfort, Familiarity, and Fun

Middlebury, VT—In this time of economic upheaval, uncertainty and stress, adults often turn to comfort foods—mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese—or comfort activities—gardening, sewing, canning, but children, who are not immune to the recent turmoil, often do not have an outlet for their anxiety or fears.

Video games bombard the senses with light and sound and the desire to "get to the next level" is far from calming. Electronic hand held games are limited in their play value—no open-ended play—and youngsters become bored quickly. Regular board games require more than one person to play and the rules are often overly complicated. And after the toy recalls of last year, many favorite toys were thrown away leaving few toy options for children.

Maple Landmark, a 29-year old Vermont wooden toy company, has come to the rescue of parents with the Schoolhouse Naturals product line. The line offers wholesome, American-made wooden toys for infants to preschoolers. All of the Schoolhouse Naturals products are carefully crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple and sanded smooth. The line has no finish or chemicals so no worries. Schoolhouse Naturals also allows for creative open-ended play in the commonly found designs—cars and trucks, baby rattles, building blocks, shape sorters, pull toys and ABC Blocks. Children can finally be in control how they want to play. No instructions or rules, no wondering how to play, and no tension in trying to reach the next level with these comfort toys.

"We think children will really enjoy our new Schoolhouse Naturals because they are simple and fun. Once the box is open the toys are ready to be played with, no batteries no directions, just child's play," commented Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager. She goes on to say, "for 29 years we have been making safe toys but the Schoolhouse Naturals are inherently appealing to adults because of the lack of chemical coatings and inherently comforting to children because they understand them."

Schoolhouse Naturals can be purchased at a variety of specialty toy retailers across the US with MSRP's ranging from $5.50 to $108.00 depending on the product.

To learn more about the Schoolhouse Naturals products, please visit www.maplelandmark.com.

Click on the links below for product images:

Natural Fire Truck Scoot

Natural Shape Sorter Bench

Natural Log Truck

Natural ABC Blocks

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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