04/14/2008 - For Immediate Release

Maple Landmark Creates New Product Line

Schoolhouse Naturals™ Are Hip and Nostalgic At The Same Time

Middlebury, VT—Schoolhouse Naturals™ represents the next step forward, with an eye to the past, in toy development. These "green" toys are created from hard maple wood, carpenter's glue and that's all—nothing else. All the designs are done with the laser so there are no inks or paint on the Schoolhouse Natural products either.

Although development of the Schoolhouse Naturals line began before the barrage of recalls in the last 6 months, the recalls gave the product line more urgency. The entire line including ABC Blocks, Shape Sorter Bench and Push N Pull cars are all made from sustainably harvested materials and sanded smooth to the touch. "Even though our all of our products have always been safe, the Schoolhouse Naturals line allows parents to breathe a sigh of relief and grandparents a chance to give safe and familiar toys," states Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager.

Many of the Maple Landmark mainstay products began as "green" products—the early Maple Landmark trains, Montgomery Schoolhouse MY Trains, and even Mites were originally sold with a clear finish or unfinished all together. "Wood grain is really very interesting and it was a shame to cover it up with paint or stain but consumers wanted—needed toys to have bright colors", commented Pat Rainville, Finishing Supervisor. She goes on to say that "now some 29 years later it's back to where we started. We do what the customer wants."

To learn more about Schoolhouse Naturals™ please visit the Maple Landmark website at www.maplelandmark.com.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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