04/14/2008 - For Immediate Release

Green Products From the Green Mountain State

What It Means To Be Green For Maple Landmark.

Middlebury, VT—Green, Eco-friendly, Natural, Sustainable are all new fangled words describing what Maple Landmark stands for and what Maple Landmark has always done. As other companies have started to go "green" for the almighty greenback, Maple Landmark is already there because it was right and smart thing to do.

Everything from sawdust to office paper is recycled or reused. The finishes are all non-toxic, and some are even manufactured in Vermont. "Whey, which is a by-product of milk, makes a extremely durable finish," comment Pat Rainville, Finishing Supervisor, "and best of all it takes a "waste" product from Vermont's robust dairy industry and recycles it into a great finish." Lumber is also sourced locally as well.

While the lumber isn't FSC©, the folks at Maple Landmark know what they are doing for the environment is better. "We used to be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified but we couldn't get the quantity or the quality of lumber that we needed to satisfy demand, so we had to travel to New Hampshire to get it. How much sense does it make to travel 3 hours away to get materials?? The gas and time spent—it was foolish, especially when the lumber we had been getting locally was better quality and from responsibly harvested forests," said Barbara Rainville, Marketing Manager. "The other thing is that thousands if not millions of FSC© forests exist in China, but look where all the recalls came from this year—the worry isn't the wood (which is a renewable resource) the worry is what happens to the wood after it is removed from the forest."

Rainville goes on to state, "companies like to say that a product is FSC© certified, but it doesn't cure or address the manufacturing ills, and when manufacturing takes place away from a home office there is loss of control. We can reassure our customers with confidence about what goes into or on our products. Few companies can know for certain."

Even back in the early days, Maple Landmark didn't have to worry about their toys—their toys didn't have any finish on them. Many were made from pine and Mike (owner and founder) burned the designs in by hand with his branding irons. These toys were popular 29 years ago and with this renewed interest has taken on a life of their own. So based on demand Maple Landmark had a clear vision to expand their already safe toy selection with some simple paint-free designs into a new collection of "Schoolhouse Naturals" Just locally, sustainably harvested lumber and carpenter's glue.

So as many companies are scrambling trying to transform their toxic images into the epitome of wholesomeness, Maple Landmark is busy crafting quality non toxic wooden toys at their factory, in Vermont, just like they have been doing for the last 29 years.

To learn more about Maple Landmark and their eco-friendly efforts please visit the website at www.maplelandmark.com.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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