06/18/2007 - For Immediate Release

Maple Landmark Launches Several New Products for Spring

The creators of the NameTrains adds to the NameTrains and other product lines.

Middlebury, VT—In a commitment to introduce new products every month during 2007, Maple Landmark has developed four new products for the first quarter. Two products go along with existing products and two products are new for Maple Landmark.

The Hang-A-Name product line sees a new addition to the choice of medallions with one that is Noah's Ark themed. The themed medallion is replica of the 2007 MY Train car depicting an ark with an elephant, giraffe, lion, and a dove with an olive branch. "Noah's Ark themes are very popular for children's rooms and nursery so it only makes sense to provide to our customers what they are looking for," states Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager. The medallion can not only be used as a starter for the Hang-A-Name, but also as a theme for the growth stick, and design for wall racks and picture frames.

The other product line that has a new addition is the NameTrains. With the use of new technology, acquired late last year, Maple Landmark has been able to dramatically expand offerings. The NameTrains new additions are special occasion train cars. These cars celebrate holidays, including Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas as well as special occasions like birthdays. The cars are round in shape and are a great addition to the NameTrain line.

Two other stand-alone products that have been introduced in the first quarter of 2007 have been a Soma Cube and an old fashioned Climbing Bear. The Soma Cube is a natural version of the very popular color cube. Made from solid maple, each piece is carefully sanded and assembled. If you take it apart can you get it back together? This mind challenging puzzle measures 2-1/4." The cube is finished using a non-toxic clear finish.

Reviving an old folk toy, the Climbing Bear is a simple, yet entertaining toy for the youngest of children. Hang the loop over the doorknob or other peg, and alternate pulling on the strings and the bear climbs to the top. The bear is brown with yellow detailing. All finishes and inks are child safe and non-toxic.

"We have the capability to do small runs of custom products that we find interesting or that have been requested by our customers. Everything different we do helps us learn more about what is ultimately possible," said Mike Rainville, President and Owner of Maple Landmark.

For more information about Maple Landmark and their product offerings please visit the website at www.maplelandmark.com. Please contact Maple Landmark for new product images.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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