06/17/2007 - For Immediate Release

A Safer Alternative to Imported Toys

Wooden toys and games manufactured in Vermont provide children with only the highest quality products.

Middlebury, VT—Buy American has always been a mantra at the wooden toy maker, Maple Landmark Woodcraft. It isn't only about jobs to them, it is also about quality assurance. The recent recall of over a million of another company's Chinese-made wooden toy trains and other headlines about tainted imports illustrates their concern. Whether it is lead in paint or environmental degradation, the company says consumers just don't know what they are buying into when they choose imported products. There is only one reason products are being imported, that is price and the tradeoffs are too easily hidden. Unfortunately these "cheaper products" do come at a price, often our children's health and safety. Maple Landmark says it will not compromise the safety of children in order to make an extra dollar.

For 28 years, Maple Landmark has been craft high quality products for children and adults alike, always with an eye toward environmental and safety concerns. "Our products meet or exceed the Federal Safety standard for toys and games for children," states Jill Stackhouse, Sales Manager at Maple Landmark. She goes on to say "our concern is about not only with the quality of our finished products but also the environmental issues that surround the manufacturing of all of our products. We use; local responsibly harvested materials, non-toxic water based stains on our NameTrain™ products, whey-finishes on our oval rattles, beeswax on our natural Classic trucks and all of our other paints and finishes are non-toxic and manufactured in Vermont, by people we know."

"Consumers need to realize that not every place in the world follows the same safety regulations that we have in the United States. All too often we see things that are okay within one country cross borders to where they are not okay," stated Stackhouse. The use of lead, in consumer paints, was banned in most countries in Europe in the 1920's and in the US in the 1970's. There are still places, like China where it is still commonly used, legally or not, and exports to the US get contaminated, intentionally or not.

The consumer market has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. More products than ever before are coming from every corner of the globe. With this economic globalization should come the knowledge that much of it is to cut cost, not only labor but safety as well, just to make money for the international traders. Therefore, today's consumer has to be savvier than ever, analyzing ingredients, scrutinizing labels and being willing to ask questions about their consumables.

Maple Landmark isn't concerned about those questions. "We can confidently speak to anyone about how our products are made, where the raw materials are harvested and how the products are processed," states Stackhouse.

For more information, please visit www.maplelandmark.com and click on "responsibility."

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
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