01/01/2007 - For Immediate Release


Maple Landmark reinforces the Buy Local project.

Middlebury, VT—Doing business locally means working with people you know and trust. Both parties, and the community, have a stake in a successful relationship. The economic power of doing business locally is not to be ignored. Money spent creates more jobs and gives people more spending power. In short, what goes around comes around.

"Given the likely alternate sources for wooden toys and gifts, we like to think we are America's local toy company. While we are not 'just around the corner' for most of our customers, we work hard to be responsive to your needs. Hopefully we have earned your business by helping to create a successful relationship," states Mike Rainville, owner of Maple Landmark.

Rainville goes on to say that, "business that preach buying local to their customers but don't do it themselves are disingenuous. At Maple Landmark, we take doing business locally seriously. How many companies can claim to having the 'world headquarters' of their bank and insurance carrier within three miles of themselves? We can, all in small Middlebury, Vermont. Sourcing materials is the same way, the nearer, the better. Where we can, components come from local companies. We succeed to the point that only about 1% of our budget goes to purchase foreign-sourced items."

For the entire history of Maple Landmark, 28 years, we have purchased the majority of our lumber from one local source, Lathrop's Maple Supply of Bristol, Vermont. Tom Lathrop is located just nine miles up the road and supplies not just maple, but pine, cherry and other species as well. Lathrop's Maple Supply is not a newcomer to the ideas of local either. Over 125 years of family experience in the timber industry. Beginning with Lathrop's great great grandfather, a Civil War veteran, began manufacturing clapboards and shingles in the late 1870's in Bristol. Lathrop began working with his father in the woods, at the early age of seven. His father taught him how to harvest trees in a conservative manner. Whether it is because of maturity or damage there was always a sound reason for cutting.

"My goal as owner of Lathrop's Maple Supply is to provide high quality lumber and wood products, primarily from sustainable Addison County forests. I purchase quality lumber from reputable foresters with clients enrolled in Vermont's Land Use Program requiring sustainable harvest methods. These methods are the same ones that the certified sector uses," states Tom Lathrop.

Lathrop's commitment to quality and sound local business practices match very well with the goal and mission of Maple Landmark Woodcraft and Mike Rainville. This pairing truly makes Maple Landmark and its product a local company with local concerns.

To learn more about Maple Landmark and their products please visit their website at www.maplelandmark.com. To find out more about Lathrop's Maple Supply please call them at 802-453-2897.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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