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We offer 3 different styles of puzzles for children 3 years and up.

Our traditional jigsaw puzzles have between 15 to 20-piece puzzles and are 1/4" thick. The pieces fit into an 11" x 15" wooden frame.

The shaped jigsaw puzzles are made from durable hardwood plywood. Each puzzle measures about 10" x 13" and has between 10 and 13 pieces. Each shaped puzzle comes with a cloth pouch to store the pieces.

Lift and Learn puzzles have removable shapes with a written message in the frame. The pieces are basic but the information is great for older children as well!

All images are done with a color printer so the images won’t scratch off even with lots of play.

The Name Puzzles can accomodate names 3-12 letters long. Available with a colorful finish or natural (great for a craft project)!

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