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Maple Landmark’s unique take on the game of Chess. Since we don’t make turnings, moulds or casts we needed to come up with a way to make our chess pieces special. So we feature a diagram of how that piece moves on the bottom of each piece! This is a great refresher for rusty players or a wonderful tutorial for new players. Boards (basic or deluxe) and pieces can be bought separately or in sets.

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Chess Men thumbnail image Chess Men
Our unique 32-piece solid wood set of Chess Men. Each piece has its corresponding move pattern engraved its bottom. Maple "li...
SKU: 50312
Chess, Basic Set thumbnail image Chess, Basic Set
Our Basic Chess Set is complete with 15" square by 3/8" thick hardwood board and 32 chess men. Each playing piece has its cor...
SKU: 50313
Chess, Premium Set thumbnail image Chess, Premium Set
Our Premuim Chess Set is complete with 15-3/4" square by 1-1/4" high sided game board in black and 32 chess men. Each playing...
SKU: 50314

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