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All toys are educational! However, sometimes it the quality of the education! Our Shape Sorter is a great place to start with simple shapes and a simple task. The Teach + Play Tiles, Spinny Speller, Lacing Shapes and ABC Blocks all help advance a child's knowledge. Dominoes and American Icon Memory Tiles introduces new places and things and our Danish Solitaire and Mental Aerobics challenges the mind!

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Danish Solitaire
A classic math puzzle that really challenges the mind. The object of Danish Solitaire is to get the numbered pegs positioned such that each diamond and the...
SKU: 50210

Mental Aerobics
Mental Aerobics is a classic tangram puzzle made from hardwood plywood, each piece is laser cut to ensure accuracy. Includes booklet with 102 challenge sha...
SKU: 50220

Standard Dominoes
You've been asking and here it is a set of standard dominoes. This set comes with playing instructions and shrink wrapped with a drawstring bag. A double...
SKU: 50415

Memory Tiles, American Icons
12 different national symbols are depicted on this set of American Icons Memory Tiles. A little history is mixed in with play with this take on the classic...
SKU: 50702 Discontinued

Memory Tiles, Backyard Birds
Featuring Peterson's Field Guide to Birds of North America, we have created a classic Concentration game. Kids will have fun matching their favorite birds....
SKU: 50703 Discontinued

Animal Lace-A-Shapes
Our hardwood Animal Lace-A-Shapes will help your little one develop fine motor skills. Set includes four colorful animal shapes: monkey, fish, butterfly, a...
SKU: 73013

Vehicle Lace-A-Shapes
Our hardwood Vehicle Lace-A-Shapes will help your little one develop fine motor skills. Set includes four simple vehicle shapes with printed details: bus, ...
SKU: 73015 Discontinued

Geometric Lace-A-Shapes
Our hardwood plywood Geometric Lace-A-Shapes will help your little one develop fine motor skills. Set includes three basic shapes - Square, Circle, Triangl...
SKU: 73016

Spinny Speller
Three blocks, with letters printed on 1" by 1-1/4" faces, spin to make dozens of simple words. Great for early reading skills. All hardwood construction. S...
SKU: 73020

Spinny Math
Three blocks, with numbers printed on 1" by 1-1/4" cube faces and the math symbols in the middle. Creates dozens of math problems - some easier than others...
SKU: 73023

Shape Sorter Bench
Twelve blocks in four primary shapes match to their corresponding holes: circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, in our Natural Shape Sorter Bench. Crafte...
SKU: 73031

Teach+Play Tiles, Colors/Shapes
Children will have fun learning colors and shapes with this set of Teach+Play Tiles. The set of 12 wooden cards features 12 colors on one side of the ti...
SKU: 73402

Teach+Play Tiles, Number/Fraction
Learn the basics of counting and division with our Numbers and Fractions Teach+Play Tiles. These tiles are great for demonstrating numbers, helping chi...
SKU: 73406

Teach+Play Tiles, Animal/Vegetable
Basics animals (wild and domestic) and vegetables are introduced in the Animal/Vegetable Teach+Play Tiles. This set of 12 wooden cards features colorful...
SKU: 73410

Teach+Play Tiles, Building/Vehicle
Children can tell stories about the world around them with our Building and Vehicle Teach + Play Tiles. These tiles can help a child tell a story, identify...
SKU: 73413 Discontinued

ABC Blocks, Printed
Our wooden ABC Blocks are a fresh interpretation of a classic toy. 28 solid blocks feature letters, numbers, simple pictures, and complete words colorfully...
SKU: 76020

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