Mini Monster, 9 pc. Climbing Parts

Mini Monster, 9 pc. Climbing Parts

The Mini Monster Truck jump is completely adjustable so the daring can jump over as many cars as they wish. Made from solid maple and laser engraved details, the jump set measures 3 ¼” tall on a base that’s 3 ¼” wide. Each piece is ¾” thick. The pair can be placed together or separated cars apart.

Climbing rocky ground can be a challenge! The rocks are made from several pieces of solid maple hardwood securely glued together to create this tough terrain. Measuring 7 ¼” long, 2” high, 2 ¼” wide, the mini monster will be the king of the mountain!

A ride over these bridges can be rough. Measuring about 3 ½” across and 6” long, the bridges are perfect way to stream hop!

Finishnothing at all
Ages 6 months
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