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Marble Mill Gold Rush Set

Marble Mill Gold Rush Set

Our Marble Mill Gold Rush Set is a great marble run starter set.

Crafted from locally-harvested hardwood maple each piece of the set has terrific, non-toxic printed graphics that really give the set some appeal. The pieces are built on a 1.375" unit standard (think Unit Blocks).

The Gold Rush Set comes with 21 wood pieces - 5 penstocks (different lengths), 1 lazy brook, 1 eddy, 2 "drops" (one overflow drop and one waterfall drop), 5 stone pillars (for support only), and 7 small spacers. 12 different shapes in all that allow for vertical and horizontal building. All the pieces are modular so the set-up is endless. Comes with 10 marbles and packed in gold, clear top gift box.

All parts are available individually or in packaged sets on this website.

Product safety warning. This product is not intended for children under three years of age.

SKU 45101
Ages 6 and up
Finish ink

Price $46.00


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