Puzzle, Shapes & Objects

Puzzle, Shapes & Objects


This brightly colored 6 piece puzzle teaches children about shapes and objects. Each of the shaped pieces has a recognizable image on one side and a basic color on the other. Engraved onto the puzzle tray is the name of the shape and a fact about the shape. I.e. Triangle 3 sides, Star 5 points. Printed images won't scrape off with general wear. Puzzle measures 11" X 15" and is crafted from 1/8" thick, high quality birch plywood with laser-cut pieces for precision fit. Shipped shrink wrapped. A perfect beginner puzzle for your young learner.

This is a discontinued product with limited availability. Subject to prior sale. While supplies last.

SKU 42231
Ages 3 and up
Finish lacquer, ink

Reg. Price $22.60
Sale Price $13.56


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