Track, Fig-8 to Oval-w/Fig-8 XKit

Track, Fig-8 to Oval-w/Fig-8 XKit

A sweet addition to your NameTrain Figure-8 Track Set. Add our 6-piece Figure-8 to Oval with Figure-8 Expansion Kit to your oval track and form a 29" by 44" crooked oval with a Figure-8 in the middle. Track is crafted from locally sourced and sustainably harvested hard maple. Straight track is grooved on one side, switches are grooved on both sides, and both are laser engraved with stripe detail. While our track fits together with other wooden track systems, the Figure-8 to Figure-8 with Oval Expansion Kit may not create the pictured layout with other systems because of differences in diameters and lengths. Kit includes:
(2) switch pair
(2) 2" straight track pieces
(2) 8" straight track pieces

Finishnothing at all
Ages 3 and up
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